Friday, 13 February 2009

Friday the 13th

Friday The 13th 2009Friday The 13th 2009 - Welcome back to Crystal Lake in a chilling re-imagining of the classic horror film Friday the 13th.

Searching for his missing sister, Clay Miller (Jared Padalecki) heads up to the eerie woods of legendary Crystal Lake, where he stumbles on the creaky remains of rotting old cabins behind moss-covered trees. And that's not the only thing lying in wait under the brush.

Against the advice of police and cautions from the locals, Clay pursues what few leads he has in the search for his missing sister, Whitney (Amanda Righetti), with the help of Jenna (Danielle Panabaker), a young woman he meets among a group of college kids up for an all-thrills weekend. But they are all about to find much more than they bargained for. Little do they know, they've entered the domain of one of the most terrifying specters in American film history--the infamous killer who haunts Crystal Lake, armed with a razor-sharp machete... Jason Voorhees.

Director: Marucs Nispel

Jared Padalecki, Derek Mears, Amanda Righetti, Danielle Panabaker, Travis Van Winkle, Aaron Yoo, Adam Finberg, Nick Mennell, Jonathan Sadowski, Nana Visitor, Arlen Escarpeta, Ryan Hansen, Richard Burgi, Julianna Guill

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Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Friday the 13th is an American horror franchise that consists of twelve slasher films, a television show, novels, comic books, and tie-in merchandise. The franchise mainly focuses on the fictional character of Jason Voorhees, who drowned at Camp Crystal Lake as a boy due to the negligence of the camp staff.

Decades later, the lake is rumored to be "cursed" and is the setting for a series of mass murders. Jason is featured in all of the films, either as the killer or the motivation for the killings. The original film was written by Victor Miller, and was produced and directed by Sean S. Cunningham; neither returned to write or direct any of the sequels.

Sequels:Release Date:
1. Friday the 13th (1980) May 9 1980
2. Friday the 13th Part 2 April 30 1981
3. Friday the 13th Part III August 13 1982
4. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter April 13 1984
5. Friday the 13th: A New Beginning March 22 1985
6. Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives August 1 1986
7. Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood May 13 1988
8. Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan July 28 1989
9. Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday August 13 1993
10. Jason X April 26 2002
11. Freddy vs. Jason August 15 2003
12. Friday the 13th (2009) February 13 2009

Although the films were not popular with critics, Friday the 13th is considered one of the most successful media franchises in America — not only for the success of the films, but also because of the extensive merchandising and repeated references to the series in popular culture.

The franchise's popularity has generated a fanbase who have created their own Friday the 13th films, replica Jason Voorhees costumes, and tattooed their bodies with Friday the 13th artwork. Jason’s hockey mask has even become one of the most recognizable images in popular culture.

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